Meditation and the Brain

Hearing from the experts…

The following is a complilation of TED talks, videos and professional texts about  the effects that Mindfulness and Meditation have on our brains as well as explanations on how this reflects on our lives.

Dan Siegel, MD, clinical professor of Psychiatry at UCLA explains the relationship between Mindfulness, the brain, relationships and well-being:


Transform your mind, change your brain by Dr. Richie Davidson, William James and Vilas Research Professor of Psychology and Psychiatry at the University of Wisconsin-Madison:


Neuroscientist, Sarah Lazar shows how meditation can change the size of our brains and increase levels of compassion, well-being and improve our memory:


Professor Willoughby Britton discusses the link between neuroscience and contemplative practices and relates it to our mental habits and happiness:


Dr. Philipe Golden explains the cognitive neuroscience of mindfulness meditation:


The Science of Mindfulness

Neuroscientists Richard Davidson, Amishi Jha and Jon Kabat-Zinn discuss consciousness and its role in mental and physical health, training the mind for increased brain flexibility and what neuroscience is showing us about mindfulness and developing consciousness:

Mindfulness Starts With the Body: A View from the Brain

Catherine Kerr,  Director of Translational Neuroscience, Contemplative Studies Initiative Assistant Professor (Research), Department of Family Medicine at Brown University.

Scholarly Articles:

Yale News: Tuning out: How brains benefit from meditation

Forever Young(er): potential age-defying effects of long-term meditation on gray matter atrophy