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Courses, Coaching & Consulting

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Victoria Fontana

Mindfulness Teacher, Consultant and Coach

Victoria is a Mindfulness and Meditation Consultant/Teacher and Wellness Coach, trained as a Mindfulness Consultant at the Escuela Española de Desarrollo Transpersonal, Madrid, Spain, accredited by the European University of Miguel de Cervantes; and as a Meditation Teacher by the Fundación Seresh, Madrid, Spain. She is currently earning her coaching certificate at Mentor Coach, Positive Psychology Coaching, and continuing her Mindfulness studies at Barre Center for Buddhist Studies. 


Mindfulness Courses

I am currently offering group and one-to-one classes both in person and online. Feel free to contact me so that we can set up a time to chat: I can create a course to meet the needs of your organization, educational institution, sports team or company. 

Past courses offered:

Introduction to Mindfulness

Mindfulness for Stress Reduction and Increased Performance

Mindfulness for Teachers

Mindfulness: The Path to Authenticity


Mindfulness Consulting and Coaching

Mindfulness is a process and a practice, which involves placing focused attention on different aspects of our experience, bringing us into the present moment and bringing our thoughts, sensations and emotions into awareness. This process is a doorway to a more authentic and fulfilling life.  Over time and with practice, many people feel that a veil has been lifted, their focus increases, stress is reduced, their relationships improve and they are able to live more authentically.

Together, we can work on specific issues, such as stress, anxiety, health issues, relationships, or any area you would like to “untangle” or feel more fulfilled; or simply work on your overall happiness and wellbeing while you learn different mindfulness techniques and practices that will provide you with tools to use in your everyday life. 

Courses, Coaching & Consulting

Mindfulness & Wellness Coaching

Through Mindfulness, we can work together to accomplish a specific health and wellness goal, find a life path or explore a life of authenticity. Different from Consulting, in Coaching the client sets the agend and we will work together to co-create the coaching relationship and help you reach your goals. Contact me below or at for more information about Mindfulness-based Coaching, in person (in Spain) or online or by telephone (worldwide). 

Group Coaching

Similar to individual coaching, as a group we will work on different agendas such as limiting beliefs, emotions, meditation, mind-body awareness, confidence, equanimity, well-being, stress reduction, performance, health, etc. I can organize workshops tailored to the needs of your company, organization, school or sports team, in-person or online. Contact me below or at for more information about group consulting, in person (in Spain) or online or by telephone (worldwide).

Mindfulness & Wellness Coaching is not clinical psychology, clinical psychotherapy or psychiatric treatment.

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